April 26, 2023, PLN-130, the Pollak Library, 2-3:30pm, WE
celebrated our new archive--the first ever anywhere--focused on US Latinx SF
featuring readings and conversation on writing and futurisms with
Sarah Rafael García, writer and editor of Speculative Fiction for Dreamers, Diana Burbano, celebrated playwright and actor, and Rachelle Cruz, award-winning poet and comics scholar.
The new collection and opening event were funded by the Patrons of the Library, University Archives and Special Collections, the English and Anthropology Departments, the Emeriti, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association.
Sarah Rafael García is the founder of Barrio Writers and arts collective/bookstore LibroMobile in Santa Ana as well as coeditor of the anthology Speculative Fiction for Dreamers. She is the author of Las Niñas and  SanTana’s Fairy Tales.

Diana Burbano, a Colombian immigrant, is a playwright, an Equity actor, and a teaching artist at South Coast Repertory and Breath of Fire Latina Theatre Ensemble. Her plays have won the Nu Voices Festival at Actor Theatre of Charlotte in 2019 and Playground-SF 2020. Policarpa was performed at CSUF in 2021.

Rachelle Cruz is the author of God's Will for Monsters, American Book Award winner (2018). She co-edited Kuwento: Lost Things, an anthology of Philippine Myths with Lis P. Sipin-Gabon and wrote Experiencing Comics: An Introduction to Reading, Discussing, and Creating Comics (2nd Ed, 2021).
Diana Burbano's play Policarpa, set in a magical nightmare near future, was performed at CSUF in 2021. View the Policarpa program and watch the play archived on Vimeo here. More at dianaburbano.com.

Visit LibroMobile, "Cultivating Diversity in Santa Ana through Literature," initiated and curated by Sarah Rafael García. A bookstore, an Arts Collective, with Readings, Exhibits, and Creative Workshops. More at her website, cuentosmobile.

The second edition of Rachelle Cruz's Experiencing Comics is available now. Visit her website, racellecruz.com, for more, including links to her American Book Award winning God's Will for Monsters.

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